How to apply your SugarCoat Press-on Nails

A proper preperation of the nails and application is key to a long-lasting manicure and the durability of your press-ons. To ensure that your set lasts you as long as possible, we've created our own application guide, using all our own expierienece from using the press-ons ourselves.

Step One: preparing the nail bed

Firstly, you'll need to  prepare your nail bed to ensure that your press-ons will stick and hold strong.
We stongly suggest to use your press-ons on short nails.
Use the wooden stick from your application kit to push back your cuticles . If you like, you can also trim them. 

Step Two: buffing

Next, use the white buffer block and lightly buff the surface our your natural nails. Press-ons — as well as other gel manicures — tend to come of from the cuticles and edges of your nail first. Thus, make sure to especially buff out the area close to the cuticles and the sides of your natural nails. 

Lastly, use the provided alcohol wipe to remove dirt or any oils. This will make your press-ons stick better.

Step Three: sizing

This is an additional step. If your press- on nails are a bit to wide for your nail bed, use the mini file from the application kit and shorten the width of your press-on. Your press-on nails should fit perfectly from one end of your nail to the other. 

Step Four: glueing

Now we use the glue.
The overuse of glue is a big mistake! From personal experience we can say that too much glue will cause the nails to be "too wet" to stick on. 
instead, use a small drop of glue on your natural nail and some glue on the press-on. Best results are achieved when the glue is spread around evenly on the natural nail and press-on.

Push down the press-on on the cuticle first, then press them down on the rest of your nail. Apply some pressure to the nail and keep it in place for 5-10 seconds. 

Make sure that you are applying your nails straight! To check that, hold out your hand straight in front of you and make sure that the nails aren't tilted to one side.

Additional Application: glue pads

If you don't want to use glue and would like a short time wear of your new set then that's no problem! Each application kit comes with glue and glue pads
Chose a fitting glue pad for each of the press-ons and apply them to the press-on directly. Please make sure to apply them at the cuticle, rather than in the midle of the press-on.
Apply one after another by removing / peeling off the protective film first and pressing them down on your nail. Make sure that you apply your press-ons close to the cuticle for a natural finished look.

And thats it! You're done!